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August 2018 Archives

Are you a catfish?

"Catfishing" is a relatively new term for individuals who misrepresent themselves online, usually in return for a relationship. The word was first used in 2010 and later added to the dictionary in 2014. Commonly thought of in relation to online dating, catfish may create a fake profile or a profile containing misleading information in order to get a date.

Leaving a trail, the digital breadcrumbs of cybercrime

Owing their name to the tale of Hansel and Gretel, digital breadcrumbs function as a navigational aid by tracking the movements of users within web interfaces and programs. These unobtrusive navigational cues allow for faster web browsing and mark a user’s journey throughout the page. However, in cases of cybercrime, digital breadcrumbs leave clues for prosecutors that can serve as evidence against a user.

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